Gerald Anderson: The Last Maestro of Brass Engraving

The richness of stories and extraordinary lives among Fairview Lifestyle Village residents never ceases to amaze both staff and fellow community members. With this in mind, we are embarking on a series of profiles to spotlight these exceptional individuals. Our first feature is Gerald Anderson, the last maestro of brass plate engraving in New Zealand. […]

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“Licence To Occupy”: Is It Right For You?

It’s an interesting phrase “licence to occupy”. As one resident of a licence to occupy retirement home put it, “It takes away the sense of ownership, but in the end, do we really own anything?”

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What is the Ultimate Retirement Lifestyle?

At Fairview Lifestyle Village, we believe the ultimate lifestyle is well-rounded; providing high-quality amenities, luxury homes and daily vibrant activities facilitated by highly engaged staff members.

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