Five Awesome Benefits of Audiobooks for Seniors

Audiobooks are a pleasure to listen to, and a great hobby for people of all ages and walks of life, but what can they offer for our senior citizens in the community? Today we highlight five of the awesome benefits of listening to audiobooks!

1. A solution for poor eyesight

Reading is an excellent pastime passion to take up at any age, but for seniors with fading eyesight, it can be disheartening to try continuing the hobby. Luckily, audiobooks are a great solution for seniors with impaired vision. Rather than picking up a book and dealing with eye strain and fatigue, seniors can listen to their favourite stories easily as audiobooks, or try listening to something completely new.

2. An easy alternative to hand-held devices

For seniors suffering from physical conditions such as arthritis, repeatedly turning pages can be difficult, and sometimes just holding a book can be uncomfortable. Audiobooks can be a great relief in this instance, as they don’t require much handling, if any. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to operate electronic devices hands-free with voice controls, making it much easier to listen to audiobooks with no pain at all.

3. A great way to manage loneliness

Seniors living independently or in lifestyle retirement villages alike will occasionally feel lonely, just as we all do sometimes, and the sound of another voice is always a welcome comfort.

Listening to audiobooks can be a great way for seniors to spend their time independently. Not only can they enjoy the feeling of becoming lost in tales of mystery and romance, or reminisce while listening to historical memoirs, they can also enjoy the friendships made when meeting new characters. So, while social interaction and quality time with loved ones will always be the best cure to loneliness, audiobooks are a great way to get by too.

4. An affordable source of entertainment

Websites like Audible, Google Audiobooks, and Librivox offer a wide range of audiobooks covering all kinds of topics, so no matter the preference, there is sure to be something to love. Many websites also offer free audiobooks as samples.

Libraries also are great places to borrow audiobooks from. Seniors who have library cards can head down to their local library and check out audiobooks as easily as checking out physical books.

5. A shared experience

Audiobooks are engaging to listen to and a great way to spend your time independently, but they can also be enjoyed as a shared experience. Whether in a nursing home, a retirement village, or a community centre, seniors can get together and engage in a shared listening experience. In this way, audiobooks can be a great way to make new friends and stay social. Seniors can even enjoy a shared audiobook club experience on a weekly basis and eagerly anticipate each meeting.

Keep doing the things you love in lifestyle retirement

Engaging in fun and mentally stimulating hobbies on a regular basis is what motivates us and keeps us young at heart. We believe that retirement comes as a great chance to do less tiring work, and more of what you love. At Fairview’s Albany retirement village residents can spend their time as they please, freely enjoying the community vibe as well as their own independent hobbies and pastimes.

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