Best Pets to Keep with You in Retirement

While owning a pet is a big responsibility, there are many well-being benefits to having a furry friend with you in your home or retirement village! Today, we explore the benefits of having a pet and list a few of the best ones for retirees to own.

Pets, Companionship, and Wellbeing

When it comes to home pets, not only do grandchildren love to see them and play with them whenever they come to visit, seniors can enjoy their company as well.

Pets such as cats, dogs, and even birds, can provide a wonderful form of companionship for us in our finer years. Every pet has its own unique personality to get to know and enjoy, and research shows that pets can help to reduce symptoms of depression and loneliness—which are especially important factors to consider for senior wellbeing.

Dogs for Seniors: Staying Active

Dogs For Seniors Stay Active

Having a companion to walk with can make exercising regularly that much easier! For seniors who own small dogs—such as a cavalier King Charles spaniel, Shih Tzu, or Maltese—mustering up the motivation to exercise isn’t a necessity because little canine friends can be wonderful motivators themselves.

Staying active and maintaining our daily exercise has many benefits for long-term health and happiness. Known to lower cortisol and stress, regular exercise can also reduce aches and pains and help to prevent conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Dog walking also has its social benefits, as pet owners can connect with other pet lovers that they cross paths with.

But if you don’t have a dog to peer pressure you to stay active—why not make a routine together with a friendly neighbour in your retirement village? If you both have similar fitness aspirations, you can hold each other accountable and stay motivated!

Cats for Seniors: Affectionate and Independent

Cats Affectionate

Very affectionate companions, cats are the perfect low maintenance pets for seniors who have limited mobility or energy. Cats are more independent and self-sufficient in comparison to dogs, but they still love attention and will shower you with affection when they feel like it. On top of this, while they don’t need to be walked every day, cats can give seniors a sense of responsibility and purpose, which can make it easier to stay motivated and stick to routines.

It’s worth noting that short-haired cats are easier to manage than long-haired felines, who may take a bit more work as they will need to be brushed and groomed.

Fish for Seniors: Low Maintenance

Fish For Seniors

A small aquarium or fishbowl is easy to manage and an excellent choice for seniors looking for low maintenance pets. Small freshwater fish such as Betta fish are solitary, independent little fish that are comfortable in smaller spaces. These, and other freshwater fish make good pet options for seniors and still offer benefits of companionship, daily routine, but with less effort involved.

Moving into a retirement village with your pet?

Moving into a retirement village comes with many choices, and for seniors who have pets that they want to bring with them, this can play a part in where you decide to live. Every retirement village will have its own rules and regulations to consider concerning pet ownership for its residents.

If you’re interested in settling into an Albany retirement village, Fairview is an ideal place to come enjoy independent senior living! At Fairview Lifestyle Village, we have a Pet Policy in place which we are happy to discuss with you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our policies around pet ownership in Fairview and discover if our community and village lifestyle are right for you.