The Best Sports for Seniors to Try

Physical activity is one of life’s great joys, and there’s no need for it to stop as we hit retirement, especially in independent senior living. It’s recommended that those over 65 make time for physical activity every day to keep their muscles strong and joints healthy. We should look to do 150 minutes of moderately intense physical activity to get our hearts pumping.

Sports are accessible at any stage of life; we just need to choose ones to fit! There are several sports to get us going, even if they’re a little more laid back than the white water rafting or big air skiing that we did in our prime. Here are a few ideas to kick around.

Sports ‘On the Green’

There’s nothing like a day on the green to relax and connect with friends. Bowls and croquet are great sports for seniors who want their exercise to be community-minded and love being in the sunshine but don’t want anything too strenuous. If you’re feeling a little fancy, petanque is a great way to keep the joints nimble (but in style, of course).

Many lifestyle villages or independent senior living spaces have excellent greens and lawns where you can test your aim. All you need to do is bring the oranges for halftime!

Tai Chi to Strengthen & Soothe the Senses

Tai Chi is all about connection. The smooth, calm movements help to connect our minds with our bodies, putting us in touch with ourselves physically and mentally. A kind of slow-motion martial art, tai chi will help you stay flexible while gently strengthening your muscles. Matching movement with breath, it’s a great way to bring mindfulness into your daily activities.

For anyone lucky enough to visit Asia in this lifetime, public parks are no stranger to large gatherings of seniors taking part in mass tai chi sessions. Just watching the spectacle is enough to calm even the most frazzled.

Take a Swing at Tennis

If you want to up the ante without getting too wild, why not give tennis a go? It’s a relatively small court to cover, and the game’s pace depends entirely on the players. Whether you’re spinning aces or rolling through a chilled rally, tennis is a sport tailored to all abilities.

Tennis is a great social sport for seniors lending itself to getting a club together and giving it a good go. Lessons are readily available, and it doesn’t take much to get a racket, a ball, and a group together.

If the court is daunting, why not find a table and pick up a paddle? Table tennis is a great way to get the wrist and upper body moving and test reaction speeds.

Explore Cycling

Cycling is a great sport for seniors who are looking to keep active and explore the outdoors without the impact of running. Get a group together or go it alone along dedicated cycleways or immerse yourself in mother nature with easy forest pathways.

Not only is it good aerobic and strength training for our legs, but cycling will also train our minds as we keep an eye on our surroundings, flip through the gears, or simply multi-task as we chat with our biking buddies.

Get in the Water

Swimming is one of the best exercises to do when we’re looking to stray away from jolts and jamming the joints. Swimming offers no impact but maximum muscle recruitment as we use our whole body to glide through the water. Swimming might sound like one of the lonelier sports, so why not try a water aerobics class to make your swim time social?

Water aerobics is low impact, but don’t let that fool you! It’s a sure-fire way to get the heart pumping and giggles rolling alongside some snazzy tunes and great friends. Convincing those in our lifestyle villages won’t be hard; it’s a water sport where once a trier, forever a subscriber.

Don’t Be Shy, Sports for Seniors Are for Everyone

When it comes to picking up a sport in later life, the options are plenty. Whether you want to keep up the vigour or chill out a little, there are so many sports for seniors out there for us to keep moving in our own time and our own way.

Sports aren’t just great for our bodies; they’re great for our communities. Connect with others through movement and healthy competition. It’ll benefit your body and soul.

Keep active and connect at our Independent Senior Living village

Fair Lifestyle Villages have beautiful facilities to keep you active, fit, and healthy. Take a tour around our bowling green and croquet lawn or our gym, pool, and sauna.

When it comes to keeping fit and friendly, we’ve got you covered. Have a chat with us today about our range of apartments and villas available to suit your lifestyle.