Delicious Autumn Recipes Perfect for the Season

As we pack away the barbeque after another summer well spent, it can be comforting to think about delicious autumn recipes that might have fallen by the wayside in the hotter months.

Retirement living can often mean we have less space to cook or less time as we fill our days with hobbies and social activities. Whether you live in retirement apartments in Auckland or your own independent home, autumnal cooking doesn’t have to be hard or take up too much time. We’ve put together a list of warming autumn dishes to welcome the cooler months with comforting ease. From filling soups to delectable desserts, here are autumn recipes to whip up solo, for dinner parties, or as a fun activity with the family!

Welcome Back Hearty Soups

There’s nothing like the first soup of the season to get you excited for the cooler climate. Seasonal squash makes a great base for a soup that you spice up however you like! Try this classic Butternut Squash number with crème fraiche (for a little pizzaz) at a potluck, or turn up the thermostat with a spicy Thai-inspired pumpkin soup.

If you find yourself without a lot of space or even a blender, try this oven-baked lentil soup, or a hearty minestrone is the perfect vegetable-packed broth. Take it from the top when we say Gordon Ramsay’s borlotti bean minestrone is delightfully dense without being overbearing. Pair with a crusty cob or Italian focaccia to round out a perfect autumn dish.

Simple Autumn Salads

Saying sayonara to summer doesn’t mean salads have to take their leave. Root vegetables make a great base for an autumnal salad, with most recipes being forgiving with any chopping and changing of ingredients. For a simple salad sure to please even the fussiest of vegetable eaters (grandkids tend to be allergic to greens), why not try this classic potato dish?

If you’re feeling like something a little more exciting, local legends Ripe Deli have an amazing Spanish Roots salad. Light and tasty, this perfect dinner party side dish is complete with a delectable Spanish whipped feta. It’s more assembling than cooking, but that’s completely fine by us!

Welcome the Return of Risotto

Nothing says comforting autumn cooking better than a risotto. Despite the rumours about hours of stirring, risotto can be as easy and hassle-free as you want it to be. To taste the last of the summer, try a light prawn and herb risotto. Alternatively, we love to welcome winter with this grilled mushroom dish that brings out earthy depth for true comfort eating!

Remember, the heart of a great risotto lies in the stock, so don’t skimp out on quality broth. Make your own or invest in a good quality brand to bring your rice to life!

Sweet Treats for Autumn Produce

As the weather cools down, we find our penchant for sweets heats up! There are just so many delicious autumn recipes for after-dinner delights, we had to make a couple of categories to avoid missing anything. The ideas for winter puddings are endless, but we’ve curated a couple for you to try below.

Bake it! Comforting Crumbles & Tarts

It’s hard to beat a classic apple crumble, so we won’t pretend to try. A true crumble has a perfect crumb to fruit ratio and encourages a good glug of runny cream, all of which this recipe respects.

If we’re all crumbled out (which doesn’t happen too often), why not liven it up with a comforting pecan tart? Indulgent though it may seem, a chocolate pecan tart is easy, and even calls for a frozen pastry shell to take away any residual anxiety from previous pastry palavers!

Jams & Preserves

Autumn is the perfect time to start a new hobby. As the weather goes grey, why not try your hand at preserving the summer in the form of jams and other jarred treats? Capture the summer sun with spiced peaches that pair perfectly with yoghurt or over our favourite tea cake. Or take it a step further with a tangy apple jam or plum jelly for your next wine and cheese night?

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Retirement is a wonderful time of life where we get to spend more time on ourselves and with friends or family. Cooking is a great way to bring us together, with Fairview Lifestyle Village’s villas, townhouses, and retirement apartments in Auckland offering spacious living so you can cook and entertain with ease. As an Albany retirement village that prides itself on community, our excellent facilities ensure you have everything you need to cook and enjoy your favourite hobbies. Why not join the fun and try these delicious autumn recipes with your new neighbours within the village? You’re sure to become fast friends!

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