Embracing Your Freedom: The Many Benefits of Lifestyle Living

After a lifetime of taking care of the necessities, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of freedom. In this article, we explore what freedom means to us at Fairview Lifestyle Village. We’ll also look at the research around staying active, socially connected and mentally engaged on your brain health. In order to enable these three factors, the right village is crucial. Learn how our village can help you make the most of your newfound freedom!

Less stress, more time

Fairview Lifestyle Village believes freedom comes from letting go of obligations so you can pursue your passions. Retirement should be a fresh start, offering a chance to relax, socialise with friends, and indulge in hobbies, without the stresses of work, household maintenance, or raising a family. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore new interests that were previously put on hold due to time constraints.

Our community is designed to support your interests, whether that’s getting active in our fitness centre, taking up a new hobby, or spending time with fellow residents. With hassle-free living arrangements, residents can bid farewell to time-consuming chores and enjoy their free time.

“There is kinda a weight off your shoulder. Once you settle in you think I should have done this sooner”.

Doing what you love is good for your brain

Did you know that doing what you love can be good for your brain? Recent research shows that finding meaning in life and pursuing your passions can contribute to better cognitive function and may even reduce the risk of dementia in older adults. While previous studies have focused on physical health factors like exercise and diet, this research highlights the importance of psychological well-being. By understanding this link, researchers are discovering key ways to keep our minds sharp and healthy as we age. Source: Psychcentral

According to Alzheimer’s NZ, there are a number of important factors that can help reduce dementia risk, with three of them being particularly well-suited to our village environment. These three factors are:

  1. Staying active,
  2. Engaging socially
  3. Keeping your mind active. Source: Alzheimer’s NZ.

Staying active

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Staying active is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. It can help manage blood pressure, control weight, and lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cancer. The latest research also suggests that it can reduce the risk of dementia. If you live in a lifestyle village like Fairview, you have the benefit of having more time for physical activities.

With a pool, spa, gym, bowling green, and landscaped gardens to walk around, this community encourages residents to stay active. The village offers various resident-led activities that cater to different fitness levels and interests. Whether you prefer yoga, line dancing, tai chi, or strength and balance, there is something for everyone to ensure you can stay healthy and engaged.

“In the village, there are so many different groups. People set up groups like bowls, croquet, cards, Rummikub, and lots of different things you can do and it’s a choice. Oh, and there’s a keep fit class. I use the gym every morning. I would go about 6:30 every morning, and then into the pool”.

Do activities you enjoy

Engaging in brain-stimulating activities like reading, puzzles, or taking up a new hobby helps build new brain cells and strengthens connections to keep Alzheimer’s at bay. “This may counter the harmful effects of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia pathologies” Source: Alzheimer’s New Zealand.

Living in a first-class lifestyle village offers a wide variety of opportunities for staying mentally stimulated. In our village, we like to keep things interesting. Our residents can choose from five to ten activities each day. A lot of activities are resident-led, and if you want to start a new group, it’s easy!

“And all the facilities we’ve got here, like the bowling green, the gymnasium, the swimming pool, the sauna, the movie theatre, the library, the cafe – I think this is one of the best villages like this is the Rolls Royce village as far as I’m concerned”.

View our weekly activity schedule below!

Fairview Activity Schedule

Stay socially connected

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Let’s not forget the power of social connections. Remaining socially engaged not only reduces the risk of dementia and depression but also adds a sense of fulfilment to our lives. Our community facilitates many social events including happy hour, guest entertainers, special dinners, and mystery tours. Our resident well-being group offers support and check-ins to those who prefer quieter social activities.

“This is a happy village and it’s a homely village. It’s not clinical, it’s a community.”

“I call it my Fairview Family”

“This village is quite unique. We explored other villages but didn’t get the vibe. They weren’t friendly atmospheres. It felt as if you were living in a corridor.”

We believe that these three factors identified by Alzheimer’s NZ can be supported by a quality lifestyle village. Being active, socially connected, and doing what you enjoy requires time, as well as the right environment and support. In order to enable these three factors, the right village is crucial.

Freedom from chores

Retirement at Fairview Lifestyle Village also means being free from chores and home maintenance. We take care of everything from gardening to repairs and maintenance, so you can spend more time doing what you love. Our staff understands that gardening brings immense joy to many people, so we also provide you with the option of tending to your own garden. We also provide housekeeping services if you choose to free yourself of that too!

“I knew it was time, I knew I didn’t need to be working in the garden at least one full day a week. I kept getting things around the house that needed maintenance, and of course, an older house needed it. All sorts of things went awry. Those are the things you panic about and obsess about until they fix. You can’t help it. You have got no one at home to talk to about it. I didn’t want to worry my kids. They are all very busy”.

Freedom to do things your way

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But freedom isn’t just about leisure or convenience – it’s also about making your own choices and living life your way. Fairview Lifestyle Village believes residents should have a say in the decisions that affect their community. That’s why we have a resident’s committee that works with our staff to create a sense of collaboration and community. Many of our activities are also resident-led, as is our transportation service.

“The resident’s committee oversees the activities. I think we are unique in that way. Other villages employ staff who organise everything, which is more restrictive. But here, we make our own days, so there’s a sense of purpose and pride in the fact that it’s ours.”

In summary, retirement should be a wonderful time of life, full of new opportunities and experiences. Our village is designed to provide an environment for you to enjoy your newfound freedom, while also providing you with the support you need to live your best life. You can spend your newfound free time however you choose in a beautiful setting with a wide range of choices.


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