How to Enjoy the Small Things in Life

Have you ever stopped to notice the beauty of little things? A freshly bloomed flower, the touch of the soft breeze, or even a warm hug from a friend? In the everyday business of life, it’s easy to overlook the little things, but if we let them go by unnoticed, there will be a point in our lives when we wish we could have enjoyed the small things in life more. The ability to appreciate the small things can make you feel more inspired and motivated, no matter what phase you are in right now in your life. So why not enjoy those everyday moments now?

The importance of enjoying the little things

Our state of happiness is often linked to major milestones – marriage, promotions, first car, first home, and so on. While these are important too, thinking that big things are supposed to happen can be detrimental to your emotional state. This is why it’s vital to really understand that it’s really the little things that life is all about. There are more of them, after all!

When you neglect the small things, you rob yourself of appreciating the vast majority of your life. Shifting your mindset allows you to remove the unnecessary pressure of achieving grander things and start being grateful for the little things happening right now.

Five ways to enjoy the little things

Let us help you get started on how to focus and enjoy the little things in life. Here are five easy ways you can jumpstart enjoying the little things in your life.

  1. Wake up early
    One of the best ways to start enjoying the little things is to wake up earlier than your usual time. When you wake up earlier, you have the opportunity to savour moments you don’t usually have time to experience. Enjoy the little moments; witness a beautiful sunrise, say a short morning prayer, or sip a warm drink to start your day. This way, you have the chance to fully take these little moments in with satisfaction and calmness instead of rushing through your morning.
  2. Practise gratitude
    Gratitude comes when you start to consciously notice the simple things around you that make you happy. We recommend writing them down in a gratitude journal. List down the things you’re grateful for. You don’t have to follow a format in your writing at all, just make sure you aim to jot down around three items a day. Whether you’re grateful for waking up early, for the luxuries of senior citizen housing, or just having the chance to eat a nice breakfast, jotting down the small things that make you happy will upgrade your life in a surprisingly big way.
  3. Celebrate the little things
    Some people struggle to even find the little things, let alone celebrate them! This is normal and comes from a lifetime of living in a society that usually only celebrates big achievements. But there are plenty of everyday moments you can start celebrating once you recognise them, such as when you learn something new, cook a new recipe, or have the opportunity to spend a carefree day with your kids and grandkids.
  4. Be present
    Focus being in the present moment and being conscious of your surroundings. This will help you not take your days for granted. Practising mindful breathing or relishing the good details about your day let you enjoy life as it happens.
  5. Make a bucket list!
    Now is the perfect time to get creative, enjoy life, and chase down experiences that make you feel happy and alive. Whether that’s climbing a mountain, choosing to live independently, or moving into one of the best lifestyle villages in Auckland, follow your passions and do the things that make you feel relaxed yet energised, no matter how small or big they may be.

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