A Day Out in Style: Fashion in Your Finer Years 

What is fashion in your finer years? For those living in retirement villages in Auckland, where can you shop to find the brands and styles you love, locally? We elaborate on all bellow in this fun lifestyle blog.

What is fashion in your senior years?

Nowadays, there is an abundance of freedom for people to express themselves through fashion, and while there is a lot less limitation than there used to be, magazines don’t really reflect the possibilities for senior fashion. Branching out and exploring new styles can be difficult when the fashion industry focuses on men and women in their late teens to early thirties. But fashion is for everyone—and every body type—and what is “age-appropriate” depends entirely on your perspective.

Branch out and find the clothes you love, that represent your personal style!

Best styles for seniors

The first step to dressing with intention is finding the styles that represent you. Everyone has a unique sense of style, but here are six fashion types to explore before embarking on your next day out in the town.

Elegant and Sophisticated

An elegant and sophisticated wardrobe will contain classy designs that are typically tailored and form-fitting, not too tight, but comfortable. Excellent clothing choices for this style include pencil skirts, sheath style dresses, and chic slacks.


A person with a vogue sense of fashion loves what’s trending. They will include popular clothing styles from old and new trends, incorporating them into their wardrobe to make them their own. To create a vogue or trendy wardrobe, peruse the most popular clothing cuts and designs shown in stores and online, and buy handbags and accessories to match.


A preppy wardrobe is one that is lively and full of character! Clean-cut, classic designs, coloured pants, blazers, or nautical outfits are the ultimate choice for this style.


While the main priority of casual fashion is comfort, this doesn’t mean you spend your days wearing sweatpants everywhere you go! A casual style is a dressed-down look that is charming yet comfortable. Include flowing blouses, t-shirts, sweaters, sneakers, and a pair of snug-fitting jeans.


A bohemian style is creative, comfortable, and expressive. Flowing clothing that is light and layered, featuring bold elements, unique embroidery, or detailing to draw the eye, is the essence of bohemian fashion. In this style choice, bold colours, exotic prints, retro patterns, and neutral or warm tones can be used freely because bohemian fashion is all about contrast. Choose flowing maxi skirts, dresses, loose tops, and blouses to add to your collection!


Minimalism finds beauty in simplicity, and a minimalist style of fashion reflects this! Fill your wardrobe with clothing that is beautiful in a simple way, including simply designed silhouettes, a limited colour palette, and minimal use of accessories. You can also choose to include a feature item such as a jacket with a stand-out print, to add an element of boldness to your attire.

What to consider before shopping

Now that you have an idea of the styles available to you, what else should you be aware of before enjoying a refreshing trip to the mall? Here are the three top things to make sure of:

1.Make sure you know your budget and know which brands fit within it. You can browse online to see prices and gauge your budget before you shop.
2.Always prioritise your comfort. If it isn’t comfortable, it’s likely going to stay unused in your cupboard for years!
3.Lastly, make sure you feel great in it! Confidence is a big part of fashion!

Where to shop for brands in Auckland

If you find a brand you love, you can easily go back time-and-again, rest assured that they will have the style you prefer. An easy place to search online for clothing brands found in Auckland is Heart of the City. You can peruse brand styles and sort by category, precinct, and price, for easy exploration.

Enjoy retirement to the fullest

Retirement is the perfect time to start appreciating life anew. At Fairview Lifestyle Village, we want you to live your best life every day. With the convenience of our well-appointed village bus, independent senior living is easier than ever, as Fairview residents have complete freedom to journey to-and-from the village with ease.

If you’re interested in joining our warm and welcoming community, feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to take you on a tour of the premises.