The Importance of Grandparents for Grandchildren

Grandparents can be some of the most important people in a child’s life. Children can be a handful, so having grandparents around can make life for parents easier, but more importantly, can give grandchildren the support, traditions, and skills they need to become healthy adults. Whether grandparents are living with parents or at a lifestyle retirement village, they can make all the difference by being involved in their grandchildren’s lives.

Below, we’re going to run through some of the key reasons the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is so important.

Extra Help Around the House

With the pressures of modern life, household chores and the demands of work can pile up fast for parents, leaving them with little time for their children. Having grandparents around can greatly relieve household stress and provide some time for the things that truly matter. Grandparents can help in a variety of ways, from running errands, to picking up the kids from school, or helping them with their homework.

Having a grandparent’s extra set of hands around can take some of the pressure off parents, giving the whole family more time together, and relieving household stress which can negatively affect children as they grow up.

Passing Down Traditions

Family traditions bring meaning to celebrations and create special bonds that last lifetimes. Grandparents can keep these traditions alive through grandchildren, even if they have not been passed down to parents themselves. Children will be thrilled to learn about and carry-on family traditions through the generations and relish the opportunity to spend more time with grandma and grandpa. Whether it’s reading a bedtime story every night or hosting a family talent show, these family traditions can keep your family tight-knit and create memories that last forever.

Providing Different Perspectives

Sometimes it is hard to know what to do as a parent. Some problems are just too hard for someone who already has so much to take care of, and this is when grandparents can be lifesavers. Grandparents have gone through the whole parenting process already and can provide an experienced perspective if there’s a problem that a parent just can’t think of a solution for.

Sometimes, a child may to take advice from grandparents on board more readily, even if it’s the same advice that the parents are giving! With multiple people supporting them and offering different perspectives, children will more readily take advice to heart.

Offering Important Life Skills

Grandparents are an excellent source of know-how for grandchildren looking to learn a new skill. Whether it’s learning how to fix a pipe under the sink at their first flat, or taking up sewing or woodworking as a hobby, these traditional skills can be very valuable when passed down to the younger generations. For example, gardening and tending to plants at a grandparent’s retirement property could be be a highlight of a young person’s childhood, leading them to discover a lifelong passion.

Love and Support

You can’t have too much love and support. Grandchildren growing up in a household where they receive the love, care, and attention they need will boost their self-esteem and inner confidence. Grandparents will be another support system that grandchildren can go to when things get tough and are not sure what to do. Having this support system from the grandparents will make the family closer and the bonds unbreakable.

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