How to Maximise Independence in Retirement

Growing older (and hopefully wiser) is a fantastic feeling. We’re more assured, more comfortable, and have collected great memories. As we age, a great way to keep feeling good and enjoying our independent senior living lifestyle and habits is to ensure we maximise independence in retirement. This can mean many things for different people, but there are some universal tips and tricks that we can all benefit from.

Read on to learn simple ways to feel confident and in control as you embark on your journey through retirement.

Making Money Matters Easy

It’s not a popular topic but making sure your money is in order when you retire can mean a more carefree and independent lifestyle. A budget is a great way to maintain control of your finances and make your money go further.
It pays to think about the kind of lifestyle we want when planning a budget. Whether we’re flaunting a new Tesla to cruise to the beach or simply buying good food, knowing where our money is coming from is vital if we want to enjoy a comfortable retirement without worrying about unexpected bills.

Pay attention to your KiwiSaver or retirement funds, maybe even start a little retirement business to tide you over. It’s your time now, do as you wish!

Living in a Safe & Simple Home

There’s much talk of downsizing our home when we retire but maximising our independence doesn’t mean a smaller living space, just a smarter one.

As we age, harmless elements of our home can become a little more like hazards. Stairs become less of a minor inconvenience and more of a physical challenge or opportunity to fall. Our shower baths are less chic, more slippery danger zones. Think about moving to a place all on one level and installing a walk-in shower with handrails and slip-mats. None of this means we have to downsize; we just have a safer home that can easily host the grandkids and keep independence in the home.

Knowing we have access to private aged care services should we ever need them can give us confidence and help us enjoy an independent lifestyle during retirement.

Keeping Active & Healthy with Fun & Food

Keeping physically fit and healthy is the ultimate way to maximise independence in retirement. A strong body and mind allow us to keep doing the things we love in our own time.

Getting outside for some easy exercise like cycling or walking is a great way to get the heart pumping gently and maintain muscle strength to ensure we can move easily. Activities such as yoga look after the body and the mind, a great two-in-one package!

You can also combine gentle movement with maintaining a healthy diet by starting a little plant project in the garden! Think about starting a vegetable patch where you can grow healthy and nutritious foods. Eating well will mean a healthy immune system to fight off any bugs that threaten our everyday independence.

Being Tech Savvy

Don’t let all this new tech deter you, it’s a great way to maximise your independence in retirement, we promise! Being connected to those around you means they don’t have to worry about your wellbeing, and you can know they’re just a message away. Simply sending a text, email, or even a tweet, allows our loved ones to know we’re safe and sound.

A smartwatch can seem daunting at first, but they’re also a great way to keep control of our health as well as keep us connected. We can track our steps, our water intake, and keep on top of our messages—all with just a glance to the wrist!

Having smart technology also means you can set reminders for medication, make appointments, and plan out your day with ease. So get a lesson from a young gun and give it a go!

Having a Healthy Social Life

A solid social life staves off loneliness and makes us feel more in control and independent. Having lots of friends gives us lots of options to do fun things and get ourselves out of the house. It also means we have people we trust and rely on should we ever need help. Being in a great community grants us the freedom and independence to choose lots of different opportunities to do things for ourselves, like trips away, lunches out, or even a social sports club!

Give Yourself Independence with Reassurance, Fairview Village Makes Retirement Easy

Independent senior living is easy, we just need the confidence to make easy changes that make a big difference. If you want to maximise your independence in retirement but also want the reassurance of assisted living, Fairview Lifestyle Village has villas, apartments and townhouses to suit you.

Fairview Lifestyle Village has a vibrant community with excellent facilities to keep you social, active, and healthy throughout your retirement years. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you maintain your independence well into your senior years at our retirement village on Auckland’s North Shore.