Know Your Retirement Home: Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to retirement, not all villages or rest homes are created equal. There’s a whole range of requirements out there for retirees—some are looking for security, others for more freedom, etc. Fairview Lifestyle Village, for example, has a few points which set it apart from other retirement villages in Auckland, and we often get asked about these differences.

We’re always happy to offer as much information as possible so that people know they’re making the right choice to stay with us. Read our Frequently Asked Questions below!

What’s the process of moving into Fairview?

When you first decide to move into our village, you’ll start by applying to purchase an Occupation Right Agreement (ORA) on your choice of home, which includes a $5,000 deposit. In some cases, the approval of this application can be subject to the selling of the property you’re interested in. This entire process is straightforward, and we’re always happy to discuss it with you in more detail.

What activities and facilities do you offer?

Our social events and activities are often changing, as there’s always something new on here at Fairview Lifestyle Village. The Lodge also includes:

  • Library and games rooms
  • Reading and TV lounges
  • Restaurant and bar, with dancefloor and stage
  • Gym with swimming pool and sauna
  • Bowling green, croquet lawn, and petanque court

To find out more about specific facilities, please get in touch, and we can give you details on the Lodge, and our upcoming planned events.

What transport is available within the village?

Our village bus is available to all residents and can accommodate up to twelve people. There are regular trips which depart to and from the local Westfield Shopping Mall in Albany, and the bus can also be arranged for other trips. There is also a village car available for transport to medical appointments.

Can I have visitors?

All residents are entitled to having their family and friends stay. For all visits under a month, simply get in touch with the office receptionist. For longer visits, the village manager will need to be involved, in order to help out. Your guests are also more than welcome to accompany you to any of the shared village facilities.

Can I make changes to my property?

In many cases, the answer is yes. The village manager can help you plan your ideas, and discuss how extensive they can be. In some cases, the village may stipulate that the changes are reversed before the property is put up for re-sale.

What else happens if I need to leave?

We have a straightforward process for terminating the ORA, which involves a one month notice period. Once you have written to the manager and completed the termination form, we will start marketing the property to new occupants. Once a new occupant has been found, on settlement day you will be refunded the original purchase price less the Village Contribution and any other amounts owing.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions that aren’t covered above, you can check our main FAQ page, and see if we’ve already answered your query there. Otherwise, feel free to contact us. We take pride in our place as one of the best lifestyle villages in Auckland, so if you want to know more, our friendly team is standing by to help. Reach out today!