Retirement Living At Its Best, With All The Support You Need

We want you to feel supported, emotionally and physically

We are committed to supporting our residents in every aspect of their lives at Fairview Lifestyle Villages. There’s no denying that life can be unpredictable, and everyone needs different forms of support. We provide a wide range of services to meet these needs, including medical, emotional, and physical support. Our gardening, housekeeping, and maintenance teams are available to assist you with anything around the house.

We take pride in being a welcoming and inclusive community where everyone feels valued. As a result of having a strong support system, our residents can enjoy an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Nursing Support 24/7

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Having a nurse available at any time, day or night, gives our residents peace of mind. Our apartments have multiple call buttons, and our nurses are trained and equipped to provide high-quality care at any time. As a priority, we ensure that our residents are able to get the support they need, whenever they need it.

Fairview Lifestyle Village residents also have preferential access to Fairview Care private hospital. Reassurance comes from knowing that higher levels of care are available if needed.

Our residents’ peace of mind is our top priority, so we make sure they know they have trusted support close by.

“The nurses here are good. You see, because of my surgery, this shin is very susceptible to getting knocks and it sometimes breaks the skin, so I’m quite often down there getting a dressing done to it”.

Emotional and well-being support

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There is more to our nurses than just their medical expertise. We believe that providing emotional support is just as important as providing medical care. Our nurses are always here for our residents, whether it’s a quick check-in during a shift or a longer conversation during a difficult time.

Our residents can rest easy knowing that there is a dedicated team of caring professionals on hand around the clock to provide them with assistance.

Support from a caring community of residents

Independent Senior Living Activities For Seniors

The strength and happiness of a community are largely determined by its support network. A thriving community is one where residents help each other when they need it. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on during tough times or simply sharing resources to help improve someone’s quality of life, the beauty of residents supporting each other creates a sense of closeness and belonging that is unparalleled.

Here’s how some residents describe their supportive community:

“I can say it is a major positive in your life. That there are like-minded people. So if you want company it is there. You can seek it for yourself. You can meet people for coffee and it’s wonderful. So I haven’t looked back. I think it’s been extremely good for me and the family feels that too. Because they don’t need to worry, and I don’t want to be a burden”.

Support with everyday living

Sometimes, it’s an accumulation of small daily chores that can add up to a big hassle. This is especially true if you aren’t feeling well, or dealing with a stressful life event or health issue. Being able to get help when you need it can be a great relief. So what kind of support do you have access to in our supportive village? Quite a lot. Our staff can assist you with pretty much everything you need on a day-to-day basis.

Support with house-keeping

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Residents can easily request regular or one-time cleanings. We have our own housekeeping team on-site to take care of all cleaning. It costs just $35 per hour, and that is usually enough to clean an apartment or a villa. As we get older, housekeeping routines can be harder to keep up with, so knowing there is help on site is a relief. People who need temporary help due to illness or accidents love this service.

Support with maintenance

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Our full-time Handyman manages resident maintenance requests. Requests can be made at reception. It’s a relief to know someone will be around soon to perform a variety of maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, unclogging drains, replacing tap washers, repairing door knobs and hinges, and checking appliances.

“I knew it was time, I knew I didn’t need to be working in the garden at least one full day a week. I kept getting things around the house that needed maintenance, and of course, an older house needed it. All sorts of things went awry. Those are the things you panic about and obsess about until they fix. You can’t help it. You have got no one at home to talk to about it. I didn’t want to worry my kids. They are all very busy”.

Support with meals

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With a restaurant and cafe on site, residents have access to great value, nutritious meals prepared by an experienced chef.

“You can get your meals delivered every day if you want. You can get house cleaning if you want. We have a bus here you can use anytime you want”.

“One of the most important things in a village is to have top-notch meals at a price people can afford“.

Support with transport

Our community has a resident-led transportation service. Whether you need to go shopping, attend a medical appointment, or go anywhere else, just ask. The group always arranges day trips for special outings, including mystery trips.

“We’ve got our own bus which takes you to the shop. If you want to go on a tour, make up a tour and off you go”.

Support for extended family

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Our community is designed to make it easy to entertain extended family and to have grandchildren come and stay. There is a heated pool, BBQ patio and outdoor area, restaurant and cafe.

“We’ve had two little grandchildren on Monday, and last week we had them on Wednesday and Friday, and I had the little girl today”.

“The pool is a great draw for the kids. We take the grandchildren into the pool – they love it”.

“Little Cam, he’s 6 now, he said he loves coming here and he has a meat pie each time”.

Support for men

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Our village has a strong culture of brotherhood. Our Single Malt Whisky Club for men is such an example. Coming together to combat loneliness and isolation among older men through a shared love of whisky – what better way to bond?

“So many blokes came in with their wives and said they didn’t want to come but are glad they are now”.

“One of the men who moved in here at first was like a duck out of water. And you know what we did, we’ve given him a task to do at happy hour and he’s absolutely a different person. He’s seeing everybody and moves around, collecting all the tickets and making contact. If you notice that somebody is struggling a bit, most people are perceptive and very caring”.

Support for women

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The bond of ‘sisterhood’ is an important and special one shared by many women throughout life. The bond transcends genetics, culture, and age and connects women in a way that cannot be explained. Such a bond continues in our village. Checking in with each other, taking strolls together, sharing coffee or a glass of wine, and pursuing common interests are all ways that women support one another here.

Support for physical fitness

Indoor Swimming Pool Facilities

Vitality is one of the five key strengths most strongly associated with happiness and well-being. Because we know how important it is to feel vibrant, we offer a variety of activities. Our facilities include a gym, heated pool, petanque, and indoor and outdoor bowls. We also have resident-led groups like tai chi, yoga, line dancing, square dancing and strength and balance.

“In the village, there are so many different groups. People set up groups like bowls, croquet, cards, Rummikub, and lots of different things you can do and it’s a choice. Oh, and there’s a keep fit class. I use the gym every morning. I would go about 6:30 every morning, and then into the pool”.

“And all the facilities we’ve got here, like the bowling green, the gymnasium, the swimming pool, the sauna, the movie theatre, the library, the cafe – I think this is one of the best villages like this is the Rolls Royce village as far as I’m concerned”.

In our community, we pride ourselves on being experts in the art of support. From the moment you step through our doors, you will be treated as an individual with unique needs and preferences. We have carefully crafted a system that addresses physical, emotional, and mental well-being so that every resident can thrive. Our approach is holistic, and we are committed to delivering the highest level of care to each and every one of our residents. So why not take the first step towards a supported and fulfilling lifestyle?

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