Why People Love Living in Lifestyle Retirement Villages

Many seniors love the lifestyle offered by a lifestyle village. Whether it be the perfect gardens outside your window or the relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of reasons why retirees are drawn to lifestyle villages and independent senior living. Below, we share some of the reasons why seniors love the lifestyle that comes with living in a retirement village.

A Sense of Community

The first reason why a lifestyle village is an ideal place for retirement is the close-knit community within. You’ll find a new friend around every corner, with many amenities to spend time at and take advantage of. Loneliness is not in our vocabulary; a lifestyle retirement village is a place for seniors to relax and enjoy their retirement years with like-minded people.

Living in a lifestyle community can sometimes feel like you’re living at a fancy country club. A range of beautiful facilities right outside your door means there is always something to do. Head down to the library for some downtime with your book or spend some time relaxing in the spa and sauna. Catch up with friends and family down at the bar or café or work on your fitness goals at the gym; you’re never left sitting with nothing to do.


Safety is crucial for any home or community, and we keep safety a top priority. With security measures that go above and beyond, you can rest assured knowing we have locked gates, CCTV, and electronic keys for building access. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy life knowing that only authorised people will be coming into the village. The place you call home should have a sense of peace and calm, and that’s why we keep security a top priority.

Easy Living

Easy living should be synonymous with retirement. We go to extreme lengths to take away the stress and hard work that goes into maintaining a property. Enjoy life knowing that you’re surrounded, not only by a clean and tidy living space but by an entire village.

The gardening team keeps the outdoor spaces looking gorgeous, you’ll want to spend most of the sunny days outside enjoying the beautiful area. We know that many people like having things done their way; however, for those who want more time to relax, our housekeeping team is available to have your home cleaned at your convenience.

Beautiful Homes

One of the best parts of our village is the place you’ll call home. Living in a retirement lifestyle village means that you’re going to settle down in a lovely new home that feels like it belongs in a Beverly Hills gated community.

A perfect place to host your family and friends for dinner, and a lovely environment to live in, whether on your own or with a partner. With modern apartments, villas, and townhouses, there’s an option for everybody at Fairview.

Here to Help in an Emergency

As we age, an emergency like an accidental fall can become a concern. When you choose to live in a lifestyle village, you’re choosing somewhere that has the staff and facilities to help in an emergency.

Nobody ever wants an emergency to happen, but you can relax knowing that if it does, you’re able to receive immediate help. You don’t need to sit there and wonder “what if?”. You and your family can relax knowing that our team is here to help in any emergency. For those who may require extra care, we have that too with our assisted living options.

Enjoy Retired Living at Fairview

Make the most of retired life by getting the most out of our beautiful communities. Make friends, spend time with family, and make the most of every ounce of joy that life has to offer. Whether you’re planning for retirement or you’re ready to make the move and join a community, get in touch with the lovely team at Fairview today to start your new chapter.